Welcome to Roll With It! I’m Suzanne and I’m super excited you’re here! My passion for clean eating came after seeing how food practically reversed my husbands chronic arthritis five years ago. After a major flare up (which left him off work and immobile for 6 weeks), we found out the cause was Crohn’s/Colitis in my husband’s bowel. After paying $300 for medication every month and multiple hospital trips, we realized this was not a sustainable way to live. This prompted him to try the elimination diet with a help of a naturopathic doctor. Having a history of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma myself (yes, cancer) I decided to delve deeper into the food that I was eating and do the elimination diet with him. From this, I began to create recipes I could feel guilt-free about eating and knew were healthier, more nutrient dense foods (free of gluten, refined sugar and often vegan). Friends started asking for the recipes and so I started this here blog to share my creations with you!

Eating this way helped me loose the 70lbs of weight I packed on during my first pregnancy (I am addicted to sugar – like many people!). It took me two and a half years from getting pregnant to completely loose the weight. It was done safely and is now well maintained. Clean eating also helped me through my second pregnancy when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes – keeping me off insulin, maintaining a healthy weight gain and making recovery so much easier!

Through this journey we discovered that sustaining a healthy lifestyle is about balance. Clean eating is part of it but also low stress, physical exercise, enough sleep and being happy with our lives. This is what keeps flare-ups and disease at bay. Three years ago we picked up our lives from busy Toronto and moved our family to Vancouver, trusting our gut instincts with that decision and each one since. We connect with nature on a daily basis (pretty easy here), devote time together as a family, devote time alone as individuals and we laugh A LOT! Because life is too short not to laugh!!!

I have practiced yoga for over 19 years now and enjoy advanced level, vinyasa flow or power classes. From this practice I understand the power of meditation and it played a large role in my healing from cancer. I believe the mind and body are strongly connected and I allow myself to be present in that connection to help heal problems in my body. Our move to Vancouver has made me brave enough to train for a 10km race and I plan to do a half marathon in the near future. Running is a challenge for me (the only sport I played growing up was t-ball until I was 11 years old – no joke!!!!). I am not fast, I am not consistent, but I DO like the way my body feels after running and the rush of accomplishment from doing it. I feel most comfortable strengthening my body out in nature, in a group class setting or in my living room. I am grateful for my good health and to my body for allowing me to challenge it physically.

I would love you to join me as I share my experiences so far getting over life’s bumps and learning how to roll with it! Never miss a post and subscribe by entering your email in the subscribe area on the right hand side. AND join me on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest to get even more inspiration on a clean eating lifestyle and the humour in life. Thank you for coming to Roll With It!

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  1. Cara says:

    Beautiful story, Suzanne–I loved reading this! xo

  2. Erin says:

    Suzanne, you are, as always, a rock star and an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    • Suzanne says:

      Erin, thank you so much for your kind words. Miss your beautiful voice and your awesome humour! Love to you and D! xo

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