Product Review: Vega One Nutrition Bar

I few months back I talked about the Thrive Forward Series presented by Brendan Brazier and Vega. In this free online series I learned a lot about plant-based nutrition and eating food to give you the most bang for your buck (the most nutrition from the food you eat). Until I did this series, I would not have believed you if you told me I could get my complete protein from only plants – I would have told you that you were crazy! Now I know that as long as you balance the meals you actually can do it and I am eating even more plant-based meals because of it. I am still eating meat but I don’t have to eat a piece of cheese to get great protein. But how do you make eating clean more convenient? I do try hard to pre-plan the family meals and prep food on Sundays for the week ahead but sometimes I just want something that I can grab and not worry about whether it tastes good and is good for me (remember my post last week when I discovered hidden ingredients in some convenient veggie burgers?).

Vega kindly sent over some of the new Vega One Nutrition Bars for me to taste and let you guys know what I thought about them. As you know, I am not the type of blogger that will tell its readers about a product unless it actually does what it says and tastes good. I always hesitate with pre-made bars because in the past they taste much too “protein” heavy and the texture is often gritty. In the past I have even made some of my own energy bars since the pre-packaged ones are often a disappointment.

But guess what? These bars taste good. And not just a “these will make do” kind of good. I mean a “Holy crap!!!! I can’t believe these are good for me and taste like eating a rich creamy chocolate bar?!” kind of good! I actually had to read the ingredient list several times to believe it! I kept saying “Really!?!? Really!?!?! Amazing!”.

These bars have the nutritional profile of the Vega One Nutritional Shake (like this one here) and comes in three chocolate flavoured on-the-go bars. Gluten-free, plant-based supplements with a serving of greens AND 1 billion pro-biotic culture.  There are no artificial anything added to it. Like I say “no crap added” product. Take a look at this:

• 15 g protein
• 6 g fibre, 24% daily intake
• 1.5 g omega 3
• Antioxidants
• 1 billion probiotics culture
• 1 servings of greens

All I can say is AWESOME. Texture is soft and chewy and it did not taste like I was eating a processed protein bar. My absolute favourite flavour is the Chocolate Almond but the Chocolate Cherry and the Double Chocolate were also very good. I know these will be great for traveling and my husband has found them especially good these past couple of weeks as he adjusts to a new work schedule. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these!


This post was written by me and sponsored by Vega. These are my personal opinions and text. I was not influence to write a positive review for this post and took it upon myself to tell you about this product!

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