Vancouver Sun Run 2014 Recap

We have been in Vancouver now for three years and I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to do the Vancouver Sun Run! This year was the 30th year running and a little over 45,000 people participated. The last time I ran a 10K was The Terry Fox Run before I was pregnant with Baby A. This would be my second 10K run and I think I’ve caught “the runners bug”.

Training for this run began a month ago and I set aside three days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) for practice runs at the running track, bought myself a solid pair of running shoes and set out with the jogging stroller to build my stamina up. I quickly learned during my training that to keep my energy up and maintain my milk supply for Baby A, I would need to eat more, keep it clean and drink copious amounts of water. I began to use juices & smoothies from the Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook in addition to increasing my calories. For breastfeeding alone I need 2000, so you can imagine what kind of a Hoover eating machine I became. I was buying fruit and veggies in bulk…

Vancouver Sun Run

As mentioned in my last post, my two biggest concerns about doing this run was that I would injure myself and/or loose my milk supply. The last Monday run before the Sun Run I had to stop at 3.16K as my right knee began to hurt a lot. I was concerned that I was getting runners knee and decided I would take the rest of the week off from running and switch my training up to strengthening exercises. This meant I would have to trust my body for stamina to avoid injury. For the remainder of the week, I iced my knees every morning, rested my legs as often as possible – avoiding any possible strain on my knees. I went back to my yoga and ballet training – holding 1 minute planks for core strength and doing slow bridge lifts (10 seconds up, hold for 10 seconds, 10 seconds to lower) for quad strength. I drank close to a gallon of water a day to ensure I was hydrated and my joints and muscles had lots of fluid.

The morning of the Vancouver Sun Run I was up early with the kids and had been up several times through the night breastfeeding. I also was dealing with my monthly cycle returning since giving birth which was something I was not expecting. I knew I had done good preparation before hand but wanted to make sure I did not lose energy during the run. I packed a banana to eat during the run and planned to stop at each water station even though it would slow my time down. The run began at 9:00am but since I was running with Baby A in the jogging stroller, I was in the last group to go through the start line. This meant I did a lot of standing around and even had to pull over to the side before the race began to breastfeed Baby A. With over 45, 000 people running it takes time to herd everyone through the start line! It was 10:21 when I crossed and I reminded myself that if I could beat cancer, I could do this run. This put me in a positive frame of mind right from the beginning.

I ran the first 4K straight, calculating a lot of my time on how the hell I was going to get myself and the jogging stroller around all the walkers and unaware children who were also participating. I figured out quickly that if I found another runner with a jogging stroller or person pushing a wheelchair, I could get behind them and get through the crowd. My voice also became a huge tool as others became fatigued and started walking, the only way to get them to move was to yell “Stroller passing left!”. I may have scared a few people along the way…correction, I definitely scared a few people!

By 4.5K I pulled to the side and grabbed the banana and ate half while continuing to walk. This gave me enough energy to continue to 7.5K before having to eat more. I was able to finish strong with my app recording 10.49K run at 1hr 29mins and my time per kilometer being 8mins, 31 seconds – 20 seconds faster per kilometer than during my training. The extra distance that I ran was most likely due to the copious amounts of weaving I had to do to get around others. And no knee pain during or after the run! Although I was aiming for 1:20, I’m really happy with my results. If you’ve ever considered running in a race but are afraid that you are not strong enough or that you can’t do it, let me tell you something – you can. I don’t come from an athletic background, it was only my second time running at this distance and I was able to do it! I look forward to the next 10K run and the next goal is a half marathon.

Vancouver Sun Run Finish Line


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4 Responses to Vancouver Sun Run 2014 Recap

  1. Judy Immonen says:

    Way to be SUE !!! Big congratulations on your determination & fortitude (and being so smart) . Love ‘ya.

  2. Good for you Suzanne – Trina is heading to Vancouver this weekend for a run, she has elected to no longer do full marathons, figuring they are too hard on her body, so does the half, seems to be just the right length for her, and she still gets to enjoy the events. They usually do the one in Victoria in October, seems to be a fun event, and one in August in Vancouver which is a big two day event and a lot of fun.

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you Judy Parker Kent! I was hoping to do the half marathon in August but it was full when I went to sign up! Have it on my radar for next year. Hope Trina has a great run at BMO Marthon this weekend!

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